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Welcome to Everyday Zen

Live, online training in authentic spiritual arts.
Anytime. Anywhere.


"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…" and Everyday Zen gives you that solid first step towards balance, wellbeing, and empowerment in your everyday life. 

Everyday Zen consists of training methods inherited from ancient and diverse spiritual traditions, adapted for the 21st century. With its systematic and demystified approach, Everyday Zen can nurture the modern learner’s Mind, Body, and Spirit.



Cultivate harmony with your mind, the most powerful “supercomputer” ever known, to gain newfound focus and resilience.



Activate your body’s innate abilities to gain robust vitality and internal health — the health of organs, bones, tendons, circulatory system, and more.



Gain new, deeper insights into the reality of life, grounded by wisdom and logic; not dogma or superstition.

“It does not really matter what we expect from life, but rather what life expects from us.”
-Viktor Frankl


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Everyday Qigong

The ability to harness Qi (universal life-energy) is not magic or a special power reserved for a select few. Learn the postures and mantras that activate your Qi — energy that you can physically and clearly FEEL. The unique techniques are inherited from pure Qi-based lineages from ancient China, enhanced by Shamanic, Tibetan, and Yogic teachings.


Everyday Meditation

Meditation is both the simplest and most daunting journey a human can undertake. Now you get to experience it — de-mystified, deconstructed, and accessible to everyone. Everyday Meditation is inherited from Dzogchen, Zazen, and Vipassana lineages, blended into a unique system that focuses on cross-lineage foundations.


Everyday Mindfulness

Gain penetrating insight into your challenges and realities with one-to-one mindfulness-based sessions. Unlike "regular" coaching, counselling, or psychotherapy, the sessions are based on meditation and two-way conversations to co-create breakthroughs, using Wato (Hua Tou) methods in Zen training and other traditions.

“Your mind does not need to be controlled; your mind needs to be liberated.”
About me
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About me | Johny Tay

I am an experienced practitioner and teacher of Qi Gong, Meditation, Zen, and Tai Ji. My knowledge is drawn from diverse traditions in both East and West, some dating back thousands of years.


I received my foundational training for more than 10 years in Singapore and Asia, under a "pure lineage", Qi-based Chinese martial arts school. Thereafter, I founded the Canada chapter of this clan and served as the Canada chief instructor for several years. I gained invaluable teaching experience across North America, and partnered reputable organizations like Urban Wellness, Moksha Yoga, Six Degrees, Emmanuel College (University of Toronto), and others.


During this time, I had the privilege of sharing ideas and techniques with a diverse group of masters, including Zen monks, Tibetan lamas, neo-shamans, modern yogis, and Christian monastics, to name just a few. 


Through this journey I eventually gained a unified, pan-spiritual worldview and evolved my own techniques in energy work and meditation. As a teacher, I strive to make my methods down-to-earth, demystified, and highly accessible to the everyday person. 


In my “other” life, I hold a Master of Science (M.Sc.) and advise on venture building and investments. I am also a globally published Zen author and volunteer columnist for wellness and spiritual magazines with global readerships.

Also, here is my Medium for sharing related ideas.

Mountain Range

You were thinking about asking...

What is your teaching style?

I set up Everyday Zen to share the most authentic knowledge of the spiritual arts without the baggage of superstition and mysticism. My classes are very casual and grounded; think of them like the typical yoga or self-enrichment class.

What commitment is needed?

I offer introductory sessions and workshops. At this moment I only conduct classes for referred parties, but do reach out if you are very keen.


Most classes are in standalone or drop-in formats. It means you can attend one or a handful of classes and gain a lot just from these.

My complete knowledge spans decades of study and training; I’m only offering such knowledge to advanced learners on request.

Is Qi Gong and Meditation based on certain religions?

You can find knowledge of life-energy and meditation in almost all old religions... and secular culture. These arts are universal and a common legacy of all humankind. They are definitely not bound to any religion.

Do I need to “believe in Qi” for it to work?

Life-energy (Qi) is not a force that is above or beyond you. It is part of you. Qi is present whether you “believe” it or not. For more exposition check out this interview.

However, not every teacher who claims to know Qi really does. Only an authentic teacher can effectively activate your Qi to the extent that you clearly FEEL your Qi flow.

How and why are you better than other teachers?

YOU are the judge of which teacher or method is best. The only criterion that matters is how you feel — physically, emotionally, and mentally, after sessions. By all means, try different teachers and methods until you clearly know what suits you.

What certifications do you hold?

All my training is derived from authentic, traditional lineages. Such traditions are kept alive through apprenticeship and peer sharing. Certificates do not exist; practitioners are private individuals who don’t belong to famous, commercialized organizations.

In such traditions, practitioners become prominent and trusted through their excellent work and social acceptance. As mentioned before, YOU are the best judge of whether a teacher or method works for you.

What is your personal motivation?

Everyday Zen is not my full-time business or main source of income. This means I can charge very fair rates and don’t hold back any knowledge when the learner is ready.


I simply want to share our ancient, common legacy with suitable, willing people from all walks of life.




Reach me

Reach me

Interested? All my classes are online, available to anyone from anywhere.

Most classes are private or arranged via partners. I sometimes hold trial lessons for the public. Please let me know your interests so I can make the best arrangements.


Fellow practitioner? I am always happy to connect with sincere practitioners from any tradition. Let’s chat!


Thanks for the message! I will respond to you soon.

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.”
-Lao Zi
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